a new team CULTURE

You’re noticing your organization trending towards less productivity, inspiration, and vibrancy.

You and your fellow creators are disagreeing, and no one’s ideas are being fully honoured.

You’re noticing your people lacking connection, trust, and fulfillment. You are becoming a culture of resignation and routine.

But what if it could be paradise to come to work?

What if your team could work effortlessly?



I believe that entrepreneurs with a good cause hold a unique ability to change the world.

The thing is, though, there are a lot of emotional, mental and physical blocks to making the level of impact you want your business to make.

I call these blocks power leaks - where your precious energy is pouring out of random, unseen holes of the barrel and making you work so much harder than you need to.

This 6-month program is designed to heal the blocks, so you can have the clarity and vitality to put your genius where it belongs.


You are a new coach. You have a massive heart. One thing you’re sure of: that your life is for others. But are you the calibre of coach you dream of being? Do you have the skills to take you - and your clients - the distance?