Walking back to our apartment the other day, my girlfriend Hannah and I were discussing our futures and reflecting on the growth we’d both had over the past few months. I was elaborating on the work I’d been doing with my life coach Leighann, explaining that I felt a renewed energy, an open-mindedness and robust confidence, and really felt like I was connecting with and activating crucial parts of myself that had been dormant for a long time. I was in a new phase of focus and creativity, and genuinely excited about what the future held for me.

I said to Hannah “Honestly, she’s been moving mountains with me. Everything looks different in my mind.” Hannah had seen the progress and had been noting it for the past few weeks. She laughed and responded “Baby, she’s been moving mountain ranges.”

It’s true; we weren’t just taking down one anecdotal problem at a time. We were tackling entire ideologies I had created for myself over time, inhibiting my vision of what I was truly capable of. It was the difference between trying to move snow with a plastic sandcastle shovel, versus taking out a snowblower. We were blowing through my biases, assumptions and blockades at an alarming rate.

I’ve always admired Leighann’s ability to cut through the fog and find the core of the problem at hand, and pushing me to reorient myself to the real source of my woes.

She has faith in me to do the work, and I have complete trust in her, leading to a beautiful, powerful relationship. I’m so grateful for her passion, her vision, her commitment and her dedication to her craft. It’s led to new worlds for me to discover, and a future of brilliant possibilities.