Let’s get real…


Right now, in order to create amazing relationships, we need to get real about a few things.

1. You were taught next to nothing about relationships.

We learn math, geography, science, languages, and all kinds of things. But we were never educated on what goes into successful relationships, with ourselves and others, and we end up frustrated as adults. We read book after book, gossip with friends, and try to solve the puzzle of happy love. It’s a constant source of uncertainty, heartbreak, frustration, and even cynicism. Relationships are the most crucial underpinning of humanity, and we don’t treat them with that level of care, curiosity, attention and integrity.

2. When you have a good relationship, you seldom know how to make it extraordinary.

We never get to have the relationships we’re craving! Even if you love your relationship, it is in need of consistent care and inquiry. We rarely, if ever, know how to up-level our love; that seems to be left to the ‘lucky’ ones.

3. You are the source of the success of your relationships.

While there’s a saying that “it takes two to tango,” it only takes one to start dancing. You are the one, and you can depict the success of your relationships. We sometimes don’t like hearing that; it sounds daunting, or loaded with responsibility. But I assure you, that’s a limiting belief, and it’s not true.