Play Before Work

March 28, 2017
Play Before Work

Today I needed inspiration. Just outside of Phoenix, Arizona in a town called Gilbert, I decided no work would get done until I played.
I booked a tour guide, rented a horse, and rode through the mountains this morning. With cacti everywhere and the sun giving my skin some life, I was in one of my happy places. Back in a saddle, flowing with the rhythm of the horse’s stride, I took in my surroundings with no agenda and no worry for my work. The tour guide was colourful, obnoxious and comical; my perfect comrade for some playful letting go.
Two things hit me after my ride:
1. When I allow myself to play and do things that make me happy, it becomes clear to me what in my business makes me happy. This informs my next choices.
2. When I allow myself to play, even if no inspiration flows and no work gets done, at the very least - I played! And really, we need way more conscious play in our lives, sometimes to revitalize the work flow, and sometimes only for the sake of letting our souls play.