Kids and Purpose

March 27, 2017
When Children Have Purpose

Purpose is everything.

At the Unstoppable Gala this weekend in Los Angeles, I saw young girls who fought for their education. Some who ran away from home and braved months surviving in the jungle just to reach a village where there was a school. Girls who showed up early and left late, walking many miles both ways, so that they could get the most out of their education. Girls who came to LA all the way from Kenya to show us what it all meant to them.

And then I remembered how I was in school. Sure, sometimes I was pushing myself to ensure I scored the grades needed to go into higher education. But most of the time, I resented going. I saw it as a chore. I was all, "don't make me..." So what's the difference between me and those girls, whose high school graduation was not only a tremendous accomplishment, but a milestone for their community?


Context is the lens through which we see life. It gives us our thoughts, feelings, and actions. So what was my context for school? Normal. Everyone does it. You can't not do it. It's forced. It's a given. ...You can see how I'd take it for granted.

And what was the lens through which these girls saw school?

Opportunity. Change. Freedom. Choice. Owning their own thoughts, feelings, bodies, and futures. It meant a whole new system for their community to thrive in.

But wait - isn't that what education makes possible wherever you are in the world? So... Why are we not treating it like it does?


I believe that from a young age, teaching children and teens purpose gives them a future to live into. It gives them the power to create the WHY behind everything they do - everything from math, to geography, to musical theatre. Facilitating the exploration of a child's or teen's purpose gives them an empowering context for education.

Our children deserve purpose. They deserve to know their WHY. They deserve to have the mindset that will make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

Please let your children discover their WHY.