Body Matters

September 28, 2017
Body Matters

My body is everything.

How I treat it gives me my thoughts, emotions, hormones, patterns, habits, spirit, work ethic, and approach to life.

How I treat my body is how I do love. Love for myself, love for my man, love for my community.

How I treat my body is how I do, and be, my business. My body is not just my muscles and bones. It's my gut bacteria, it's my eyes, it's my joints, it's my stress responses, it's my structural alignment, it's my smile. My body needs me to source it so that it can carry me to events, write, coach, and make a difference. When I slack with my body, my business reflects it.

My relationships reflect it. My emotions reflect it. My resilience to stress reflects it. It reflects how much or little compassion I have. And every ligament, every membrane, every piece of food, every movement, counts.

Marvel in the brilliance of your body. Marvel in what happens when you treat it like a temple. Body mastery is the same thing as business mastery, love mastery, and life mastery. I'm nowhere close to mastery, and yet, I'm blown away and humbled by what I get when I give to my body.