Who am I?

I’m Leighann. I was born and raised by the ocean on the west coast of Canada. I have a degree in psychology, years of coach training with the top institutions in the world, and a history of working with people whose mortality is at their door.

My worst fear in life has been to leave it before I’ve been everything I’m meant to be, and change everything I’m meant to change.

I also grew up constantly trying to fill a void.

Who are you?

You’re a powerful woman. Whatever ‘powerful’ means to you is irrelevant, because every kind of woman has varying flavours of powerful. Maybe you have professional prowess, but crave a juicy relationship. Maybe you have love handled, but are ready for the career of a lifetime. Maybe you have most things, and you don’t know what’s missing - all you know is that something is missing.

All in all, you don’t have it all.